Gameplay OverviewEdit

SimEdu is a game that starts you off teaching a small class of 5 elementary school students.  Depending on how your students perform on standardized testing, your school will get additional funds and you will be able to expand your class size, and later build more classrooms and hire teachers and staff.  Eventually, you will be able to open new schools and manage an entire district.

A key skill in the game involves evaluating and purchasing different pieces of educational software.  This becomes especially important as your school network grows and micro-managing each classroom becomes impractical.

Your character also earns a salary which can be used to purchase items for yourself (coffee), for your class (software, supplies, computer equipment), or items for your home.  It is important to keep your happiness and energy levels up so you can do your job well.  You will also find opportunities to do PD to increase your stats and qualifications.


As a teacher, you are in charge of one class of students.  Your 

Teacher PhaseEdit

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